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Payload profiles

In the Main menu section Payloads are listed predefined payload cards and possible to create a new payload card defining payload’s parameters.
To add a new payload, click 'Create new' button - enter required parameters and confirm with 'Save'.


To assign payload to a certain vehicle profile, in the Main Menu select 'Profiles', select the vehicle, and click the block-card, 'Edit' button will be enabled.
In the block-card after clicking 'Edit' on the Payload section 'Add' new button will be displayed - click it to add payloads from list.

Payload parameter description

Payload nameUser defined payload nameYes
WeightCamera weight, kgYes
True focal length, mmTrue focal lengthYes
Sensor width, mmPhysical sensor width in metric unitsYes
Sensor height, mmPhysical sensor height in metric unitsYes
Sensor horizontal resolution, pxSensor horizontal resolution in pixelsYes
Sensor vertical resolution, pxSensor vertical resolution in pixelsYes
Minimum triggering intervalMinimum time interval between two neighboring shotsYes