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Set camera attitude / zoom


The Set camera attitude/zoom action enables to change the angle for camera roll, tilt, and yaw and to set the required camera zoom level. The angle can be set from 0° (inclusively) through 360° (exclusively). Zoom levels are integral positive values.

In UgCS for DJI, the value of the zoom level is displayed between zoom buttons. This value varies for different DJI cameras according to camera value range. Therefore, before defining the Set camera attitude action value, check the border zoom values of the camera.

The Zoom settings of UgCS are limited by the optical zoom range of a particular camera.

Note: Some vehicles are not supporting this action.

Note: The yaw parameter is working ONLY with DJI M300.The value is given in degrees relative to North.

Note: Due to the different technical approach of Z30, it is not possible to see the correct zoom values in UgCS for DJI - for now the workaround to use this functionality is to find the desired zoom value empirically.