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Waypoint turn type

UgCS supports two turn types for VTOL vehicles (Multicopter and Heli): Straight waypoint and Spline waypoint. It is possible to choose a turn type for each Waypoint, Circle, and Perimeter. The default turn mode in the system is Straight type.

Turn typeSupportNotes
StraightYesThe vehicle will fly a straight line to
the location specified as a lat, lon and altitude.
SplineYesThe vehicle will fly to the location
specified as a lat, lon and altitude,
but when executed the vehicle will fly
smooth paths (both vertically and
horizontally) instead of straight lines.


• When using Spline turn type make sure the line segment after the waypoint is long enough
otherwise autopilot can fly unexpectedly missing some waypoints. What is "long enough"? The desired
segment length varies with speed. Our tests show that with a ground speed of 5m/s route segment must be
at least 20m long. If the speed is set to 10m/s then the route segment after the waypoint should be at least
50 meters.

• Different turn types for fixed-wing vehicles are not supported.

More information about turning mode and supported autopilots can be found here: